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Article Id 310195
Description This article describes the OID value for a power supply in FortiOS.
Scope FortiOS v7.2.6 onwards.

Example FortiGate Model: FGT601E.


  • The FortiGate SNMP returns as 1 when the NMS query for the PSU status is 'OK'.

  • By default, FortiGate should return '0' if PSU status is 'OK' (normal) and '1' if PSU status is 'LOST'.


When checking the PSU status, it shows 'OK'.


38 PS1 Status ....................  OK
    Type                  : PSU status (10/111)
    Sensor status         : Normal      
    Alarm                 : No                      
    Value                 : 1.00


It is expected behavior for FortiGate to respond with the value '1' for the normal power supply status 'OK'. However, it will return with value '9' for power supply status 'LOST'.


Name/OID: fgHwSensorEntValue.38; Value (OctetString): 1


OID power supply status:- 


The value changed in FortiOS v7.2.6 onwards. FortiGate in FortiOS (v7.2.0 - v7.2.5), v7.0.x and v6 version is not affected.


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