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Article Id 227349
Description This article explains how to work around lack of support for Route leaking for the default VRF 0.
Scope FortiGate/FortiOS 7.0.6 and FortiOS 7.2.1.

Route leaking between default VRF 0 and other VRFs is currently not supported. To work around this, change the VRF 0 interface to any non-zero VRF. For example, VRF 10.


The cross-VRF that processes out/in traffic for local services (such as SD-WAN health checks, SNMP and Syslog) is supported in FortiOS 7.0.6 or 7.2.1 and above.


For more information regarding Route leaking between multiple VRFs, see Route leaking between multiple VRFs in the documentation.