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The article describes the meaning of the error message 'Error creating a new order :: too many certificates already issued for: <>' while creating a new ACME certificate.(Let’s Encrypt).




Scope FortiGate

Let's Encrypt ACME is a free service. They have set the main limit of Certificates per Registered Domain (50 per week).


A registered domain is, generally speaking, the part of the domain that was purchased from the domain name registrar.


For instance, in the name, the registered domain is


In, the registered domain is


Use the Public Suffix List to calculate the registered domain.


Exceeding the Certificates Per Registered Domain limit is reported with the error message too many certificates already issued, possibly with additional details.


For example, if the 50 certificate limit has reached for the '' domain in a week then the below error would be shown.


'Error creating a new order :: too many certificates already issued for:'


For more details refer to the Let's Encrypt Article: