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Description This article discusses Internet Key Exchange v1 vs v2.
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There are two phases to the IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols. The two protocols' distinctions consist of the following:

  • IKE_SA, which consists of the message pair IKE_SA_INIT, is the initial phase of IKEv2. The Key Exchange Policy defines the characteristics of the IKE_SA phase.
  • CHILD_SA is IKEv2's second phase. The IKE_AUTH message pair is the initial CHILD_SA. Rekey and informative messages can be sent using additional CHILD_SA message pairs.

An easier and more effective exchange is offered by IKEv2.


There are two possible exchanges in IKEv1 phase 1: aggressive mode and main mode.

Phases 1 and 2 negotiate in two distinct stages while using the main mode. It takes six messages to finish phase 1 main mode and three messages to finish phase 2 quick mode.


IKEv2 combines these modes into a four-message sequence:

  • The IKE_SA is negotiated and authenticated and then the CHILD_SA is negotiated and keys are generated in four messages.
  • Subsequent rekeying of the CHILD_SA is accomplished in two messages