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This article describes how to see the number of free IPs of an internal DHCP server on a FortiGate.


When FortiGate assigns an IP to a host from the internal DHCP server it generates an informational log with the ID: 0100026003,

To View the current status of the DHCP allocations on the FortiGate:
- Go to Log & Report -> System Events.
- Filter the log by: log ID:  0100026003
Select the log line to view DHCP statistics:
- Interface with the DHCP server.
- Used IPs.
- Total of IPs.
Option 2:

To know how much ip's are left to handover from the DHCP server enabled interface,


Under Interface, hover over DHCP Clients column for any required DHCP server enabled interface.


It shows Client Count, Remaining Leases and Total Allowed Leases.






Client Count: Number of IP’s released/DHCP clients for that interface.


Remaining Lease: Number IP’s ye to be leased out/left out for that interface


Total Allowed Leases: Total number of useable IP’s available according to DHCP range configured for that interface.