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This article describes how to configure SSL VPN OS check for Windows 10 clients with specific Windows build number.




FortiGate v6.2 and above.



# config vpn ssl web portal
    edit <portal_name>
        set os-check enable
        set skip-check-for-unsupported-os <enable | disable>
        # config os-check-list { macos-bigsur-11 | macos-catalina-10.15 | macos-high-sierra-10.13 | macos-mojave-10.14 |
 macos-sierra-10.12 | os-x-el-capitan-10.11 | os-x-mavericks-10.9 | os-x-yosemite-10.10 |
 windows-7 | windows-8 | windows-8.1 | windows-10 | windows-2000 }

            set action check-up-to-date
            set tolerance <0~65535>
            set latest-patch-level <disable/0~65535>


Configuration example.

FortiGate with the below configuration accepts all FortiClient SSL VPN connections from Windows 10 build 18362 and newer.
Connection attempts from other operating systems will be denied.


# config vpn ssl web portal
    edit full-access
        set os-check enable
        set skip-check-for-unsupported-os disable
        # config os-check-list windows-10
            set action check-up-to-date
            set tolerance 1
            set latest-patch-level 18363


- To specify the acceptable patch level, set the latest-patch-level and the tolerance. The lowest acceptable patch level is the latest-patch-level minus tolerance.

In this case, the latest-patch-level is 18363, and tolerance is 1, so build 18362 is the lowest acceptable patch level.

- When skip-check-for-unsupported-os is set to disable as in the above example, unsupported operating systems such as Android or iOS will not be allowed to connect.

- For Windows 10 and Windows 8, the build number is the patch level.

- Windows 10 clients with older build number than 18362 will be presented with a warning message similar to the one bellow and their access will be denied.


Note: Host check works only for tunnel mode when Forticlient is involved. It does not work for web mode(browser).