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Article Id 257418
Description This article describes the procedures to create a web filter to block words to be searched on Google's website.
Scope FortiGate v6.2+,v 6.4+, v7.0+ andv 7.2+.
  1. Access the FortiGate and then go to Security Profiles -> Web Filter.
  2. Select 'Create New':



  1. Edit the Web Filter, scroll down the page briefly, and go to 'Static URL Filter'.
  2. Enable the option 'URL Filter' and then select 'Create New':


In this example, all searches on Google related to the word 'game' are blocked. Type the URL following the example below, it is possible to block any word search:




  1. Go to 'Policy & Objects -> Firewall Policy' and create or edit the firewall policy responsible for allowing communication from the LAN towards the Internet:




  1. In the firewall policy, scroll down under 'Security Profiles', enable the 'Web Filter' and select the newly created profile, and set inspection to 'Proxy Mode'.


re done.PNG

  1. Make sure also to enable the deep-inspection profile in the 'SSL Inspection', this is essential.
  2. In this example we are using Chrome so we need to disable 'Quic' protocol in Chrome
  • In the URL type:  chrome://flags
  • In search type, quick.
  • Select Disable.




  1. All searches from the machines using the Policy above will be denied the search for the blocked word:




It is possible to block any word on any search engine, just make sure to follow the template above and follow all the steps.