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Article Id 193065
This article describes how to create policies using well known MAC address list available in ISDB.

ISDB  includes well-known vendor MAC address range lists.
The lists can only be used for source MAC addresses in IPv4 policies, and include the vendor name and the MAC address ranges that the vendor belongs to.

To view the vendor list.
# diagnose vendor-mac id
Please input Vendor MAC ID.
ID: 1 name: "Asus"
ID: 2 name: "Acer"
ID: 3 name: "Amazon"
ID: 4 name: "Apple"
ID: 5 name: "Xiaomi"
ID: 6 name: "BlackBerry"
ID: 7 name: "Canon"
ID: 8 name: "Cisco"
ID: 9 name: "Linksys"
ID: 10 name: "D-Link"
ID: 11 name: "Dell"
ID: 12 name: "Ericsson"
ID: 13 name: "LG"
ID: 14 name: "Fujitsu"
ID: 15 name: "Fitbit"
ID: 16 name: "Fortinet"
ID: 17 name: "OPPO"
ID: 18 name: "Hitachi"
ID: 19 name: "HTC"
ID: 20 name: "Huawei"
ID: 21 name: "HP"
ID: 22 name: "IBM"
ID: 23 name: "Juniper"
ID: 24 name: "Lenovo"
ID: 25 name: "Microsoft"
ID: 26 name: "Motorola"
ID: 27 name: "Netgear"
ID: 28 name: "Nokia"
ID: 29 name: "Nintendo"
ID: 30 name: "PaloAltoNetworks"
ID: 31 name: "Polycom"
ID: 32 name: "Samsung"
ID: 33 name: "Sharp"
ID: 34 name: "Sony"
ID: 35 name: "Toshiba"
ID: 36 name: "VMware"
ID: 37 name: "Vivo"
ID: 38 name: "Zyxel"
ID: 39 name: "ZTE"
To view the MAC address ranges for a vendor.
# diagnose vendor-mac id 16
Vendor MAC: 16(Fortinet)
Version: 0000700021
Timestamp: 201908081432
Number of MAC ranges: 6
00:09:0f:00:00:00 - 00:09:0f:ff:ff:ff
04:d5:90:00:00:00 - 04:d5:90:ff:ff:ff
08:5b:0e:00:00:00 - 08:5b:0e:ff:ff:ff
70:4c:a5:00:00:00 - 70:4c:a5:ff:ff:ff
90:6c:ac:00:00:00 - 90:6c:ac:ff:ff:ff
e8:1c:ba:00:00:00 - e8:1c:ba:ff:ff:ff
To query the vendor of a specific MAC address or range.
# diagnose vendor-mac match 00:09:0f:ff:ff:ff 48
Vendor MAC: 16(Fortinet), matched num: 1
To use the vendor ID in a firewall policy.

Configure IPv4 policy with 'src-vendor-mac' and specify the vendor MAC ID.

This option is available only in CLI.
# config firewall policy
    edit 9
        set name "policy_id_9"
        set srcintf "wan2"
        set dstintf "wan1"
        set srcaddr "all"
        set dstaddr "all"
        set src-vendor-mac 36 16       <----- 36:VMware and 16:Fortinet.
        set action accept
        set schedule "always"
        set service "ALL"
        set logtraffic all
        set auto-asic-offload disable
        set nat enable
Only packets whose source MAC address belong to Fortinet or VMware are passed by the policy.