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Configuring admin disclaimer page on FortiGate using Pre- and Post- login banner setting.
The pre-login banner setting will show the admin disclaimer page before the user reaches the login page in the GUI or the login prompt in CLI command.
The post-login banner setting will show the admin disclaimer page after entering the login credentials in the GUI or the CLI command.

This article describes how to configure the admin disclaimer page.






The pre-login banner or post-login banner setting can be made using the following CLI commands.


config system global
    set pre-login-banner enable
    set post-login-banner enable


A sample disclaimer message is given below.


How to Edit/Modify the default disclaimer message:


Go to System -> Replacement Messages -> Extended View -> Pre-login Disclaimer Message. The edit screen is in the bottom right corner of the page.

Select  'Save' after the editing is done.


After modification, it will be possible to see the Modified check mark on the same page.


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