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This article describes how to change the default sender email address in Automation stitch configuration.


Important Notes:

We are basically using the default Fortinet SMTP configuration. When the default SMTP server is used, the default email sender will be '' and this is expected behavior.




As the email action stitch is edited,  notice that it is only possible to configure the  receiver email address and unable to specify the sender email address.

If it is necessary to edit the sender email address, it is only achievable via CLI command.


The CLI command to specify the sender email address will be as following:


# config system automation-action
    edit "Email action"
        set email-from ""



a) 'Email action' - This entry is the email action name which is specified form the GUI.

It is basically possible to cross-check the configured email action stitch via:

Security Fabric -> Automation -> Action -> Email -> 'Your_Email_Action'.


b) '' -  This entry simply refers to the email address  to use as the sender.


For example: