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This article describes how to change the source IP of FortiGate SYSLOG Traffic.




FortiGate running single VDOM or multi-vdom.



With the default settings, the FortiGate will use the source IP of one of the egress interfaces, according to the actual routing corresponding to the IP of the syslog server.
Note there is one exception: when FortiGate is part of a setup, and 'ha-direct' setting is enabled, the interface used to send the syslog traffic is the defined management interface. This is excluded from the regular routing table, therefore setting up a source-ip, in this case, it is not relevant, as the traffic must use the management interface as the source.

To source the traffic from a loopback or a different interface, the following settings have to be enabled:

FortiGate with Single VDOM:


config log syslogd setting
    set status enable
    set server "x.x.x.x"  ==> IP of syslog server
    set source-ip y.y.y.y ==> source IP to use (in newer versions, not available if ha-direct is enabled)


FortiGate with Multi-vdom:
Firewalls with multi-vdom can have a specific Syslog server for each VDOM.


To enable vdom-specific Syslog Server, the following feature has to be enabled:

config vdom
    edit <vdom_name>

        config log setting

            set syslog-override enable  <----- This enables VDOM specific syslog server.



To change the source-ip of vdom-specific syslog traffic:


config log syslogd override-setting
    set server "x.x.x.x"  <----- IP of Syslog server.
    set source-ip y.y.y.y <-----source IP to use (in newer versions, not available if ha-direct is enabled).