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This article describes how to install FortiClient free version 7.2.1 via Intune, particularly when the .msi file is not readily available for the specific version.

FortiClient version 7.2.1 is distributed only in .exe format, causing complications with Intune deployments that require .msi files. A workaround is available to extract the .msi file from the .exe installer.

Scope FortiClient v7.2.1, Microsoft Intune.

To overcome this limitation, it is possible to execute the .exe file up to the first window, which temporarily extracts an .msi file.

This extracted .msi file can then be used for Intune deployment.


Below are the step-by-step instructions:


  1. Execute the .exe Installer:

Run the FortiClient 7.2.1 .exe installer but do not proceed past the first window. The .msi file will be temporarily extracted during this stage.


  1. Locate the Extracted .msi:

Navigate to the temporary directory where the .msi is stored. Open the directory C:\ProgramData\Applications\Cache\<GUID of fclient ver> to locate the .msi file.

The GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) is specific to the FortiClient version and will be displayed in the folder name where the .msi is temporarily stored.


  1. Copy the .msi File.

Copy the extracted .msi file to a secure and accessible location. This will be the .msi file that used for deploying FortiClient through Intune.


  1. Prepare Intune Deployment.

Follow the organization's guidelines to prepare an Intune deployment package with the extracted .msi file.


  1. Deploy via Intune.

Follow the link to get help with (Deploying by using Microsoft Intune).

Initiate the deployment of the FortiClient package through Microsoft Intune, targeting the appropriate user or device groups.


  1. Verify Installation.

After deployment, verify the installation on a test device to ensure that FortiClient has been installed correctly.