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This article describes the difference between Dashboard interface widget and FortiView -> Interfaces Section bandwidth graph. Also, the difference between 1 hour and 24 hours bandwidth graph.


For GUI physical interface bandwidth widget, it will use data source from FortiGate background daemon Forticron.

Interface traffic history arrays to calculate and draw bandwidth graph.


24-hour report is handled by FortiGate reportd daemon. It will only use each traffic log's 'sentbyte' and 'rcvdbyte' to calculate bandwidth, not only limited on specific physical port.


Also, there is difference in 1 hour and 24 hours bandwidth graph.

That is because we grant average value only from the longer period graph.


As an example, let's say for each graph we have 20 data points.


For one hour: 1 data point every 3 minutes.

For 24 hours: 1 data point every 72 minutes.


On the one-hour graph, the data point will have the bandwidth averaged over a 3-minute period, while the 24-hour graph will be averaged over 72 minutes.

Thus, the greater the sampling period, the flatter the graph becomes as these short-lived spikes get flattened out.