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Article Id 214752
Description This article describes how to unlock the SIM using a PUK (PIN Unlock Key) of around 8 digits from the SIM Carrier.
Scope FortiExtender 2XX, 1XX, 5XX Series  - Version 7.X .

In order to unlock a SIM using PUK code, one can follow the below steps from CLI:

# execute show-hidden
# execute modemfw AtTest modem1

Enter the AT command with the PUK and new the PIN or Password:


AT+CPIN="PUK","New PIN"     <----- Enter PUK and the new PIN.

AT+CPIN="12345678","1234"   <-----  This is an example.



PUK (PIN Unlock Key) can be obtained using one of the following options:


1) PUK info is available on the SIM card. 

2) Contact SIM card provider/carrier. 

3) Sign into the SIM card Carrier's website using the account details if any and visit the account profile and the PUK should be listed on the account profile.