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Article Id 230682

This article describes how to point the manager, aggregator, and core to a different DNS server.

Scope Manager, Aggregator, Core.

1)  Open up an SSH system to the VM wanted, to change (Manager, Aggregator or Core).

2)  Log on using root credentials.

3)  Enter: cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.

4)  Enter: ls (This will display a list of files in the current directory).

5)  Look for the relevant network adapter (mine is ifcfg-ens33).

6)  Enter: vi ifcfg-ensXX (e.g vi ifcfg-ens33).

7)  Enter: ‘i’ to go into insert mode.

8)  Use the arrow keys to scroll down to DNS1.

9)  Change DNS1 to DNS1=x.x.x.x (replace the x.x.x.x to the DNS IP Address).

10) Press 'esc' then type ':wq' to save and exit the file.

11) Restart the VM.

12) The DNS is now pointing to the new server.