FortiClient proactively defends against advanced attacks. Its tight integration with the Security Fabric enables policy-based automation to contain threats and control outbreaks. FortiClient is compatible with Fabric-Ready partners to further strengthen enterprises’ security posture.
Description This article discusses about FortiClient support on Windows 11.
Scope Windows 11 machines that need to use FortiClient.

Install FortiClient v6.4.7, v7.0.2 or newer.


At the point of writing (14th Feb 2022), FortiClient v6.4.7 and v7.0.2 support Windows 11.


FortiClient end users are advised to install FCT v6.4.7 or v7.0.2 if they are using Windows 11.


Refer below for more info:


For EMS user, FortiClient 6.4.7 & 7.0.2 installer is not available on FortiGuard Distribution Servers (FDS).


To install the FortiClient 6.4.7 installer, you must download it from


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