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This article describes that the FortiClient EMS Admin Guide has the info about how to use the CLI command to specify SQL Server Standard or Enterprise Edition:

Installing FortiClient EMS to specify SQL Server Enterprise or Standard instance


This is only working for the very first, fresh FortiClient EMS installation. 

If there is already an EMS server running with the default SQL Express Edition, it is not possible to run the CLI command for upgrade and this article will describe how to process it.

Scope FortiClient EMS.
  1. Log into the current EMS server, and backup the database from the Dashboard in GUI.
  2. Download the EMS installation image file, the same version as the current one.
  3. Uninstall the EMS server.


This will uninstall the SQL server as well.  It is necessary to reinstall the SQL server and create or provide the SQL/Windows admin credentials.

  1. Reinstall the EMS server with the CLI command.  It is necessary to get help to fill out the values of the parameters for the command.
  2. Once reinstallation is done, log in to the EMS server with the default 'admin/<blank password>' to restore the backup EMS database from step 1. These 5 steps can be used to switch from SQL Express Edition to Standard/Enterprise Edition without an upgrade.
  3. To upgrade to a newer version/patch, just run the installation file of the new version directly.


The CLI command is just for the very first, fresh installation.  For the future upgrade, it is not necessary to run the CLI command again.