Every FortiAuthenticator VM includes a 5-user evaluation license. During this time the FortiAuthenticator VM operates in evaluation mode. Before using the FortiAuthenticator VM you must enter the license file that you downloaded from FortiCloud upon registration.


Note: Plan a maintenance window to apply the FortiAuthenticator VM license as the VM will reboot.

Scope FortiAuthenticator 6.x

To upload the FortiAuthenticator VM license file:

  1. Log into the FortiAuthenticator VM.
  2. Go to System > Administration > Licensing.
    The Import License page opens.



  1. Select Upload a File and locate the license file (.lic) on your computer. Select OK to upload the license file.
  2. The VM registration status appears valid once the license has been validated.


Note: As a part of the license validation process, FortiAuthenticator VM compares its IP address with the IP information in the license file. If a new license has been imported or the FortiAuthenticator’s IP address has been changed, the FortiAuthenticator VM must be rebooted in order for the system to validate the change and operate with a valid license.


  1. If the IP address in the license file and the IP address configured in the FortiAuthenticator VM do not match, you will receive the following error message dialogue box when you log back into the VM.






If this occurs, you will need to change the IP address in FortiCloud to match the management IP and re-download the license file.

After an invalid license file is loaded to FortiAuthenticator VM, the GUI will be locked until a valid license file is uploaded.


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