FortiAuthenticator provides access management and single sign on.
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This article explains how to enable FortiAuthenticator to send debug logs to remote logging servers.




Any supported version of FortiAuthenticator.




In 6.3.0 firmware and above, FortiAuthenticator supports sending debug logs to remote logging servers. Previously, it was only possible to send the general logs.
Use the Send debug logs to remote Syslog servers toggle option under Logging -> Log Config -> Log Settings.
Syslog servers must first be added under Logging -> Log Config -> Syslog Server -> Create New.


Note: FortiAnalyzer can be used to receive FortiAuthenticator debug logs, but only when FortiAnalyzer has a separate ADOM configured to operate in syslog mode (NOT in regular mode). Instructions on how to set up the FortiAnalyzer as a syslog server can be found in the following article:
Technical Tip: Setup FortiAnalyzer to be a Syslog server.