FortiAuthenticator provides access management and single sign on.



This article explains describes to manually download and upgrade FortiAuthenticator firmware image for a FortiAuthenticator unit.


1) Log in to the Customer Service & Support web portal here, and select the 'Download' option, followed by 'Firmware Images'.


2) Select 'FortiAuthenticator' from the product selection dropdown list.

3) Select 'Download' to get the available firmware list:
4) Select the respective firmware version required, and select 'HTTPS' to starts download
5) Save required firmware image at the local storage.
Manual upgrade firmware image via web UI:

1) Login to FortiAuthenticator via web UI

2) Browser to below path

Go to: System -> Administrator -> Firmware Upgrade -> Firmware
3) Select 'Upgrade Firmware' to start upgrade procedure
- Select 'Browse' button to bring up file window
- Select firmware image file
- Select 'open' to select respective firmware image file
- Select 'ok' to start upload firmware image file
- Select 'ok' to acknowledge final confirmation
- Select 'Start Upgrade' button to start upgrade procedure
4) Verify FortiAuthenticator firmware version.

Go to: System -> Dashboard -> Status -> System Information
Manual upgrade firmware image via CLI:

1) Login to FortiAuthenticator via SSH

2) Upload respective firmware image file to a TFTP server

3) Command

# execute restore image tftp <filename string> <tftp server>
4) Example:

> execute restore image tftp FAC_1000D-v6-build0041-FORTINET.out
This operation will replace the current firmware version of FortiAuthenticator.
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y
FAC_1000D-v6-build00 100% |*****************************************************************************| 71475k  0:00:00 ETA
Upgrading to version v6.00-build0041-branchpt0041-GA
CLI mode only available in V6.0 and above

5) Verify FortiAuthenticator firmware version

> get sys status
        Version:              FAC1000D v6.0.2-build0041,190619 (GA)