FortiAuthenticator provides access management and single sign on.
Article Id 274938
Description This article describes the migration of the FortiAuthenticator-VM to a new FortiAuthenticator-VM and what is the token behavior after migration.
Scope FortiAuthenticator VM 6.5.3

There are two main VM migration types:


  1. Same platform type:
  • Take configuration backup.
  • Restore configuration to the new VM machine.


  1. VM using a different hypervisor, or when moving from hardware to VM or from VM to hardware.
  • Contact Fortinet support to open a case requesting a configuration conversion. Provide the configuration file for the target platform.
  • Restore configuration to the new platform.


Considerations and token behavior after migration:

  • The license is inside the configuration backup file and it is tied to the IP address set in the Support Portal with the FortiAuthenticator Serial Number in Asset Management.
  • If the IP address is different, then update it in the Support Portal, download the new license file, and upload it to the device. 
  • If the FortiAuthenticator-VM serial from the license is the same, there is no action needed regarding the tokens, they will be transferred to the configuration file and remain assigned to the same VM license.
  • If the FortiAuthenticator-VM serial is different, then it is necessary to raise a ticket with Customer Support to transfer the tokens to the new FortiAuthenticator-VM serial.