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Description This article describes how to relock an ADOM on FortiAnalyzer that is managed by FortiManager after being unlocked.
Scope FortiAnalyzer.
  1. When a FortiAnalyzer is managed by FortiManager, it is not possible to edit the settings on the FortiAnalyzer’s Device Manager as it is locked by default.


1. ADOM locked in FAZ.png


2. Cannot make changes in ADOM.png


  1. Users may unlock the ADOM on FortiAnalyzer to make changes.


FAZ # diag dvm adom unlock ADOM_74


---Deleting DVM lock by remote FortiManager succeeded---


  1. After unlocking the ADOM on FortiAnalyzer, users can now edit and even delete the managed devices. These options were not available when the ADOM was locked.


3. Able to edit device.png


3. Able to delete device.png


  1. In order to relock the ADOM on the FortiAnalyzer, perform a 'Refresh Device' of the FortiAnalyzer on the FortiManager.

 4. FortiManager Refresh Device.png


5. Refresh Device successful.png


  1. After that, the ADOM is locked again on the FortiAnalyzer after refreshing the browser.


6. ADOM locked in FAZ now.png



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