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Article Id 220966
Description This article describes the message 'The number of enabled hardware-ssl process is exceed the limit'.
Scope FortiADC-400F.

This error message is related to limit of HTTPS VS with hardware acceleration enabled.

The limit is different based on mode and the default mode depends on firmware version:


Firmware version Default hardware SSL mode Limit of hardware accelerated L7 HTTPS VS
before 6.2.0 epoll 16
6.2.0 and newer polling 64


- The limit is for a number of hardware accelerated L7 HTTPS VS, it is still possible to create additional VSes, but it is necessary to disable HW acceleration for it.


- It is possible to disable hardware acceleration on VS by:


# config load-balance virtual-server
    edit "<VS name>"
        set hardware-ssl-status disable


It is possible to disable hardware acceleration globally by:


# config system global
    set hardware-ssl-status disable


- The hardware SSL mode is not changed by the upgrade.

If it is upgraded from a version before 6.2.0, to a newer version, the mode will remain 'epoll'.


- It is possible to switch the modes between 'epoll' and 'polling', however this can only be done via script.


Open support ticket to switch the modes.



- It is not possible to switch modes on v7.0 and 7.1.

- 'epoll' mode is completely removed from v7.2 and newer.