FortiADC enhances the scalability, performance, and security of your applications whether they are hosted on premises or in the cloud.
This will walk you through how to add VLANs to an interface.

Modify Interfaces
Adding VLANs
Viewing VLANs Created
Firewall Configuration
Firewall Ping test
FortiBalancer Ping test

Modify Interface

You will want to view the existing the VLAN configured on an interface by following the below steps. Once you validate the interface in question you can then add a new VLAN accordingly.

Step1. Click Basic Networking
Step2. Click “Interface”
Step3. Select the interface that you wish to create the VLAN on
Step4. This section will show the existing VLANs configured behind the selected interface.
Step5. To add a new VLAN to selective interface, Click “Add VLAN”

Adding VLANs

When you click “Add VLAN” on the previous slide you will be presented with the following. You will then need to fill out the VLAN information.


Step1. Enter a VLAN name
Step2. Enter an Interface IP for this VLAN on the FortiBalancer
Step3. Enter an Interface Subnet Mask associated to this VLAN
Step4. Enter the VLAN ID
Step5. Click “Save”

Viewing VLANs Created

Once you click save on the previous slide you will then be brought back to the main interface page where you will see that you VLAN is created.


Firewall Configuration

In the up front Firewall I have sub interfaces created with a x.x.x.1 IP associated to each VLAN.


Firewall Ping Test

From the up front firewall we are able to ping the VLAN interface on the FortiBalancer.


FortiBalancer Ping Test

In this ping test I pinged the IP Address of the Firewall on VLAN 10.