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DescriptionThis article explains how to exempt specific traffic from being matched against an attack signature.The steps outlined below are as follows: Get Signature ID Clone Attack Signature Edit Attack Signature in Advanced Mode Search for Signatur...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure FortiWeb to send logs to FortiAnalyzer. Solution1. In FortiWeb, create a FortiAnalyzer Policy.This will define where the FortiAnalyzer is located.The policy name can be a numerical value or text.The ...
DescriptionHow to configure FortiWeb to add an "x-forwarded-for" (XFF) header and other X-headers to incoming traffic.Scopea. Create a new x-forwarded-for profileb. Configure x-forwarded-for profile parametersc. Add the x-forwarded-for profile to an ...
DescriptionThis will walk you through how to add VLANs to an interface. ScopeModify Interfaces Adding VLANs Viewing VLANs Created Firewall Configuration Firewall Ping test FortiBalancer Ping test SolutionModify Interface You will want to view the exi...
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