Fortinet has further expanded our lineup of 11ac Universal APs with the release of the FAP-U221EV, FAP-U223EV, and the FAP-U24JEV.  These new value tier APs feature 2x2 802.11ac radios.

The FAP-U221EV and FAP-U223EV are dual radio models with internal and external antennas respectively.  Both AP models also feature a built in BLE radio.

The FAP-U24JEV is a low cost single radio wall plate form factor AP.  The radio on the FAP-U24JEV can be configured to operate as a 2x2:2 radio on a single channel, or it can be configured to operate as two 1x1 radios on separate bands.

As with all of our Universal Access Points, these APs can be managed by any of our management solutions:  FortiGate, FortiWLC, or FortiCloud.

More details on these APs can be found in the datasheet: