FortiCloud has had a Multi Tenancy license for a while now, but with 3.1.2 the capabilities provided by that license have increased dramatically.

In previous releases a Multi Tenancy account allowed multiple sub accounts to be created but with no structure to make it easier to organise them. Release 3.1.2 provides a detailed tree structure which allows as many sub branches as you would like to create. For example consider the system shown below:



in this view an admin can view all the AP networks or FortiGates associated with a single customer, in this case three such AP networks can be seen.

If the same admin wants to look at all Enterprises then they select the checkbox at the top of the screen 'Including lower level' and then all enterprises under the heading will be included in the view:


Each of the branches of the tree now show how many AP networks exist under that branch. It is possible to select all the AP networks as shown:


FortiCloud users can be added at any point on the tree and their view will only include what is below them, for example if Dumbledore logged in, as head of Hogwarts, the view would be:


Whereas Snape as head of Slytherin would have a more limited view:


This flexibility ensures the right people can gain access to the right information while still using a centrally controlled and configured environment. From this single screen the status of the APs can be seen across the whole customer base as can the client count. The last report generated by each system is also accessible directly from this screen.

The FortiGate view also provides vital information for a service provider:


this screen immediately shows Gryffindor have a fully functioning system with a current subscription but the Kwick-e-Mart are no longer covered for the extensive FortiGuard services which will quickly prompt a sales call.

Why not upgrade to a FortiCloud Multi Tenant account today and start working on your MSP offering.