Knowing where people are, where they’ve been, and how they’re moving around a location is of ever increasing importance to customer in Retail, Healthcare, and Education just to name a few.  FortiPresence Lite provides location analytics information in an easy to use and deploy web based solution.


This lite version of our location analytics solution is free to use within certain limitations.  The user can configure at most 5 sites per account and the data collection is limited to 7 days of stored data for analysis. Other limitations of the Lite version are no API access and no more than 200 concurrent Captive portal connections per account. FortiPresence Lite can be configured to work with any of our Wireless management solutions (FortiGate, FortiCloud, or FortiWLC/WLM).

This new free offering is an excellent way for our customers to familiarize themselves with the benefits location analytics solutions can bring to their site.

For more information on the new FortiPresence Lite version, please see the datasheet here.