Fortinet is proud to announce our latest addition to the FortiCloud group of products: FortiPenTest.  FortiPenTest is a subscription based Penetration Test tool that can perform OWASP Top 10 vulnerably based testing on a target IP or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name).

As DevOps initiatives continue to grow, there’s an ever-increasing need for application security to be on-demand.  Ensuring the proper security of developed applications is often about more than compliance, as disruption to business and loss of business records are often as much if not more motivation to ensure a properly secured application than managing a compliance check mark.  In fact, Forbes recently carried an article showing the strong correlation between DevOps and the need for Penetration Testing as a service.

Fortinet’s FortiPenTest product will run detailed analysis and produces a report covering all found vulnerabilities as well as suggested remediation steps.  FortiCloud premium customers will be able to test a limited version of FortiPenTest when they log into their FortiCloud account, those looking to subscribe can purchase stackable subscription licenses which enable 10 IP/FQDN targets to the account.  Additional details can be found in our datasheet or on the product page.