Fortinet is releasing version 8.5 of our FortiWLM software.  This version adds the capability to monitor the statistics and RF health of FortiGate managed wireless APs.


A FortiGate can now be added to FortiWLM in the ‘Add Controller’ configuration screen.  Switching between the FortiGate and FortiWLC context can be done via a drop down menu at the top of the screen.  When in FortiGate mode, the Monitor, Operate, and Administration tabs are accessible.  Configure and Reports are not available for FortiGate controller in this release.  This addition allows the FortiWLM platform to act as a unifying RF management platform for any Fortinet wireless controller hardware.


To learn more about FortiWLM and see a demonstration of the new FortiGate management features, you can watch our presentation from Mobility Field Day:


An additional feature added in this release is the ability to monitor applications and stations based upon their risk value.  A ‘By Risk’ option has been added to the Recent Top Users and Recent Top Applications screens which will group items into the following categories:  low, elevated, medium, high, critical.

More details on the new FortiWLM release and notes on how to upgrade can be found in the release notes.