Fortinet Detects Intrusions, Malware and Malicious Applications that Pose Massive Risk to Businesses, Yet are Going Undetected by Organizations’ Existing Security Frameworks

SUNNYVALE, CA – July 28, 2015 – Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT), the global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, today unveiled its new Cyber Threat Assessment program designed to provide organizations a detailed look into the type and amount of cyber threats posing risks to their networks, yet are going undetected by their existing security solutions. This new offering is part of a broader effort by Fortinet and its FortiGuard Labs threat research team to integrate risk and advisory capabilities with its end-to-end security platform to provide customers greater insight into dynamically changing cyber risks that threaten their businesses. 

Program Uncovers Unknown Risks, Provides Immediate Mitigation Strategies

Fortinet, in collaboration with a number of key partners, is offering its threat assessment program to organizations free-of-charge. Through the assessment process, the FortiGate high-performance next generation firewall will be installed within the customer network, where it monitors the application traffic traversing the network for intrusions, malware and malicious applications that could collectively cause massive risk to the network, giving attackers access to a company’s most sensitive files and database information. At the end of the data collection period, a detailed ‘Risk Assessment Report’ will be generated, using FortiAnalyzer, that provides an analysis of the application traffic, user productivity, network utilization, the overall security risk, and the related business risk, as well as detailed, actionable mitigation recommendations.

“In the past, it was much easier for firewalls to detect significant threats to the network, because traffic could be classified based on specific protocols, and hackers’ approaches were not as sophisticated,” said John Madison, vice president of marketing for Fortinet. “The growing number of network threats today are designed to avoid detection by bypassing traditional firewalls with ease. Our new Cyber Threat Assessment program is specifically designed to quickly detect the threats other solutions are not intercepting to help customers significantly increase protection, while decreasing business risks.”

Threat Assessment Helps Partners Provide Peace of Mind for Customers

Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment program provides an important opportunity for partners to engage with customers and prospects to help ensure they’re not relying on legacy systems that aren’t effective against today’s dynamic cyber attacks that occur across multiple vectors and stages. By offering a deeper analysis of existing or possible threats, customers are given a clear assessment of the risks to their environments, while Fortinet and its partners help prioritize actions to mitigate those risks, providing customers the peace of mind knowing their critical assets are protected. 

A number of Fortinet partners have already started to implement the Cyber Threat Assessment program within enterprise organizations across the Americas. Partners participating in the program to date include: Apollo Info Systems, Atrion, Carousel Industries, EO Johnson, Infogressive, INSA, M&S Technologies, Mission Critical, Myriad Supply, NE Systems, Optiv, Patriot Technologies, Security Confidence, Secured Retail, Secure Sense, Tierpoint, Unified Technology, VCURA and Virtual Graffiti. 

Fortinet Uniquely Protects Against Threats that Others Cannot

Fortinet is in a strong competitive position with its FortiGate platforms, which provide a level of throughput, price/performance advantage, and breadth and strength of security functionality that is unmatched in the industry. While other network security solutions protect customers at the perimeter, Fortinet’s end-to-end platform provides protection at every entry point to the network – whether data center, cloud or end-point. 

With its Internal Segmentation Firewall deployments, for example, Fortinet is uniquely able to protect key customer resources from threats that originate within the network, or to mitigate the damage and protect key resources from threats that get past traditional network perimeter defenses. Fortinet is the only vendor that can offer the ultra high-speed performance and low latency required for internal network deployment, given this traffic runs 10 to 100 times faster than internet traffic. 


The Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment service is available immediately. For more information, please visit: