FortiSIEM 6.3.0 is now available. This major release introduces a range of new features.

New Feature Highlights

Customizable GUI Login Banner
FortiSIEM can now display a customizable text login banner. This can be configured or disabled under ‘Settings > System > UI’

UTC and ISO8601 Timestamp Formatted Dates
Users can now select ‘ISO8601’ or ‘UTC’ date formats in their user profile, as well as the original ‘Local date format’.


Report Export in RTF Format
Both scheduled and ad-hoc Reports can now be generated in RTF (Rich Text Format), as well as the original PDF and CSV formats. RTF is compatible with MS Word and a range of other word processing packages.


Trend Chart for Hourly/Daily/Weekly Aggregates
Trend charts in dashboards and reports now have configurable trend interval settings. Choose from Auto, Hourly, Daily or Weekly intervals.


Report Design Template Enhancements
The report designer now has a rich text editor that enables users to format report in the GUI text without entering HTML tags. Reports now also support page breaks.


Selective Role Based Raw Message Obfuscation

Now when using GUI obfuscation only select fields are obscured in the raw event log. This allows the analyst to see the rest of the raw event log without having to request de-obfuscation.


FortiSIEM Collector as Management Extension Application (MEA) on FortiAnalyzer
You can now run a FortiSIEM Collector as a management extension application (MEA) image on FortiAnalyzer 7.0.1 or higher.

Other New Features

  • Elasticsearch 7.12.1 Support
  • Incident tagging
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework Update to V0.9
  • Shared Dashboard Ownership Transfer
  • Custom Elasticsearch Mapping Template
  • FortiGate, FortiAP and FortiSwitch via FortiGate API
  • … and more! Check the release notes for full details

FortiSIEM 6.3.0 Release Notes

FortiSIEM 6.3.0 Upgrade Guide