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Good morning. We have a site that is very tiny and pretty straight forward. One FW 81E and two FS 248 E_FPOE.A third switch in the mix is an older Cisco 2960. Everything was working fine for years (and yes new equipment for the site have been ordered...
Morning guru's.I have a small customer with a Zxyel USG-200. We are replacing with Fortigate 101F.Transparency: I am not a FW guy - dabble I can do! Anyone moved or copied configs from a Zyxel device to Fortigate successfully? Looking for advice, bes...
Afternoon.What is best way to allow IP address - using SSLVPN from a BLOCKED Country.Thank You PS: some TAC sites are located in blocked countries; creating IP address list to allow access but not cooperating
Afternoon.Quick question - hopefully it's not too bone headish of a question. I'm still learning and something was plopped on my lap.I need a Subnet (VLAN 247) to talk to our main LAN advice appreciated. We have dev...
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