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Hi,I am testing on GCP, to create VPN between FortiGate-VM and the on-prem router. It is connected over Cloud Interconnect and BGP for Cloud Router.The routes are correctly advertised(including FG-VM and the on-prem router), but the ping between that...
Hi people on the community. Can I exchange the license of FortiGate VM, PAYG to BYOL, after deploying as PAYG? Regards,FortiGate
Hello, everyone. I would like to build "FG-VM under LB onGCP".I saw the documents below but I simply create that composition, not aut scaling and Terraform.・
Hi, I am thinking about why FortiGate-VM instance does not reply a health check on GCP. I created FG-VM on GCP and have set local-in-policy and admin-profile(restricted address).From GCP console, I can connect SSH and HTTPS on the IP of NW-LAN.*Conne...
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