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Dear, I would like to use Opendns as a DNS in Fortigate 60F firewall. I am using PPPoE and the dns obtained from the ISP. I would like to edit and use Opendns. I checked DNS option under the network and it is not been used when I check Ipconfig/all i...
Hi, We are using Fortigate 60F and our network was attacked by ransomware. I would like to know the timing that incident happened and the first server affected IP address detail. And also I would like to protect our network from any other further att...
We have 13 Tp Link access switch connected with one another and my actual plan is to have a core switch and connect all the access switch to it. Now, I found Fortinet 100F with 8 SFP port so I am planning to use this Fortinet 100F as core switch as w...