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Hello, I've been experiencing an issue with FortiGate firewall where sometimes, even though the source IP address, user, or MAC address is correctly specified at the topmost rule, traffic still manages to match and pass through a rule lower down. I c...
Hello,How can I prevent users who are not in the domain from making SSL VPN connections in FortiEMS?"
Hello, I have a FortiGate device running on version 7.2.7 in proxy-based mode. I noticed that despite some users having WhatsApp allowed in their respective policies, they are unable to perform file transfers intermittently. While some users can occa...
Hello,I have observed in the logs that the Dailymotion page is being blocked according to the rules in place at my current institution. However, I notice that I can still access it from the Google Chrome browser, while it is blocked on Edge. My firew...
HelloWhat is the stable working version of FortiWeb? My current version information is V7.0.6 build 140. Finally, is there any order like Fortios during the version upgrade process? Do I need to do it? I appreciate your help.
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