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Hi,I'm trying do do IPSEC between my Fortigate and a TP-Link MR 600 (4G router).My Fortigate is traversing NAT.The configuration seems fine on both ends but the phase 1 don't go up.Here are the log messages (public IPs have been anonymised), I do not...
Hi,I'm having an issue with one of my VPN portals.I have a range of 20IP available for 5 accounts, so more than enough.The range is from to Today, users get the IP from when connecting.When a fourth user try to conne...
Hi,I'm using a Fortigate 1500D with VDOMs in 6.0.14.Here is my network topology :Initialy, there is only N2 and N3 communicating with a static route on my firewall by R1 and R2.My goal here is to add N1 which has to communicate with N3 using IPSEC co...
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