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Hello,I am tryin to test out ZTNA to replace our SSL-VPN.But I cant get it to work.Searched, read and looked at videos - but still nothing.Can the issue be that i am using Interface zone under the ZTNA-Rule and Direct Interface under ZTNA Server (Bec...
Hello, I cant find anything about if it is possible to connect an FortiAP to FortiExtender and then get Wifi on a remote location.Does it work?
Hello,I am trying to setup captive portal for BYOD.Using this guide: My issue is when the PC connects to the SSID, the wifi interface...
Hello,Just got a brand-new Fortinet setup.Tried to do EAP-TLS with computer authentication + LDAP + Company PKI.But can't get it to work, so went back to basic, and using FortiAuthenticator as CA and User authenticationI am getting this error: 2022-0...
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