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Description This article describes that after firmware upgrade/VDOM adding or removing, some VDOM is missing in 'Device Manager' and cannot be added manually. Scope FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager. Solution There is a CLI command (# diagnose cdb upgrade ...
Description This article describes that there is a potential issue when customer tries to downgrade FortiGate 100F/101F Generation2. From the GUI it shows: 'Image downgrade failed. Downgrading to the given image is not supported. Please burn the imag...
Description This article describes how to correctly configure FortiGate to be managed by FortiManager from CLI. By configuring FortiManager IP in central-management section FortiGate doesn't send a registration request by default resulting in a situa...
Description This article describes a situation when some tasks in FortiManager are stuck due to error below: Scope Solution In order to unblock the tasks the best way to go is to kill the admin session which is blocking the current tasks. Check sessi...
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