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Description This article describes a scenario where the Persistent Agent on a MacOS device is unable to communicate with FortiNAC, and agent logs show the following error: SSL_get_verify_result = 14SSL Certificate verification result: unable to get l...
Description This article illustrates information derived from a scenario where L2 polling times are taking an excessive amount of time to complete. The objective is to understand some of the factors that lead to this occurring through understanding t...
Description This article describes how to create and update a host record using the FortiNAC REST API. Scope FortiNAC v9.x/7.x and greater. Solution The FortiNAC REST API is an alternative to the web or CLI interface that can be used to query and/or ...
Description This article describes how to fix an issue where, upon upgrading to 9.4.3 or above, the FortiNAC portal redirects to old V1 portal pages for registration/remediation/deadends. Scope Legacy customers coming from Network Sentry who previous...
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