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Description This article describes how to resolve the issue where, after using an Easy Configuration key to configure a spoke FortiGate through the IPsec Wizard, the Next button on the Policy & Routing page is greyed out and the IPsec Wizard will not...
Description This article describes how to work around the issue where, after a firmware upgrade to FortiOS 7.0.12 or 7.2.5, the Network -> SD-WAN -> SD-WAN Zone and Network -> SD-WAN -> SD-WAN Rules GUI pages get stuck loading. The Network -> SD-WAN ...
Description This article discusses common misconfigurations to check for when FortiWiFi 80F/81F-2R’s Local WiFi Radio is Offline. FortiWiFi 80F/81F-2R (and some other FortiWiFi models) feature an 'aplink' aggregate interface which is used for the con...
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