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DescriptionThis article describes how to troubleshoot bandwidth issues and detect which host is consuming the most bandwidth.ScopeFortiGateSolutionIf you are using FortiOS 4.2 or higherGo to System > Dashboard > Usage and select the widget icon and s...
Description The CLI console in the FortiGate Web Based Manager (GUI) is limited to 50 lines by default. This can be increased to a maximum of 9,999 lines as described below. ScopeAll FortiOSSolution1. Edit the CLI console settings by selecting the ed...
DescriptionThis document will help to troubleshoot update problems in Antivirus (AV), Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Web filtering and Spam filtering, under System > Dashboard > Status > License Information. SolutionThis flow diagram shows the steps to ...
Description This article provides troubleshooting steps that can be used when encountering FSAE problems. It is assumed the initial setup of FSAE has been completed.The FSAE installation guide can be found on the Fortinet documentation siteScopeSolut...
DescriptionFor FortiAnalyzer v5.x refer to the FortiAnalyzer Report Performance Troubleshooting Guide [v5.6], [v5.4], [v5.2] which is available in the Fortinet Document Library. This guide helps to troubleshoot reporting and FortiView related perform...