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This article describes how to troubleshoot bandwidth issues and detect which host is consuming the most bandwidth.



If you are using FortiOS 4.2 or higher

Go to System > Dashboard > Usage and select the widget icon and select Per-IP bandwidth usage from the list:


The chart will show you which IPs are using the most bandwidth.

If you are using FortiOS 4.1 or lower with a FortiAnalyzer unit

To generate bandwidth reports, first ensure you have enabled logging on firewall policies by going to Firewall > Policy and editing the policies, enable logging by enabling Log allowed traffic.


Nn the FortiAnalyzer unit, go to Report > Config > Layout > Create New and add charts as required. Typically, you will need Traffic Volume by Direction, Top Services by Volume and Top Sources by Volume.


Go to Report > Schedule and select Create New. Use the layout you just created and select the devices you want to run the report on and select OK. Schedule the report or run it on demand by selecting Run Now on Schedule page.

If using FortiOS 4.1 or lower without a FortiAnalyzer unit

If you do not have a FortiAnalyzer unit, you may choose to sign up for Fortinet Management and Analysis services. You can find more info at:

Please note that you still need to enable logging on the Firewall policies are mentioned in the previous section.

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