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DescriptionFor communicating timing precision between two ends, PTP transparent clock mode can be enabled to measure and adjust for packet delay. It is supported on the following FortiSwitch:3032E, 3032D, 1048E, 5xxD series, 4xxE series, 424D, 224E, ...
DescriptionThis article describes the changes to the security profiles when upgrading from 6.2.x to 6.4 or above.SolutionScenario 1.- If Security profile was assigned exclusively to Flow based firewall policies in 6.2.x after firmware upgrade to 6.4 ...
DescriptionIn a LACP trunk, ports with the same negotiated speed are grouped into an aggregator. Setting the aggregator mode allows to select the aggregator based on either the bandwidth or the number of links.This article describes how to configure ...
DescriptionThis article how to configure client load balancing per FortiAP.SolutionThe frequency and FortiAP hand off options are moved from the radio level to the global section of FortiAP profiles. If either load balancing options are enabled on an...
DescriptionThis Article describes how to add FortSwitch to FortiCloud from FortiGate directly.This can be done once FortiSwitch is authorized.ScopeFor version 6.4.2 and above.SolutionTo register the FortiSwitch from GUI:1) Go to WiFi & Switch Control...