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DescriptionTo Provide redundancy when there is more than one VPN to the same remote destination configure a higher Administrative Distance in the primary route to the static route of the primary VPN. SolutionRouting to subnet is availa...
DescriptionIt may be noticed that the values of bandwidth in FortiView do not correspond exactly to the values passing through the FortiGate. FortiView only reflects the traffic passing through the CPU so the first step is to check whether offload is...
DescriptionThis article explains SNAT in a Policy with VIP in FortiOS v5.2Each time a new Policy LAN to LAN (the same LAN) with Destination VIP is configured, Source NAT is also applied. Scopev5.2.XSolution config system interface edit "LAN" set vdom...
DescriptionOn a HA cluster when Active-Active mode is enabled, there are, sometimes, issues of latency on the Internet access. This articles explains how to overcome this issue.SolutionWhen a HA cluster is on Active-Active mode, the primary FortiGate...
DescriptionThis article provides an example of the configuration needed for Hairpin NAT when the private IP being accessed through a Public IP is on a LAN on the other side of a VPN.ScopeSolutionconfig firewall vip edit "VIP" set extip