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DescriptionThis article describes how to Calculate Fragmented Packets per second hitting a FortiGate.ScopeIn the absence of a snmp monitoring solution or graphs that can display the number of Fragmented packets hitting the FortiGate, a simple process...
DescriptionWhen FortiWeb devices are in HA mode, a Virtual MAC address is assigned on the interfaces (except HA heartbeat Interface and Reserved Management Interface) of the Active Device.This helps in seamless & quick shifting of the traffic from Ac...
Description FortiGate VIPs will respond to telnet on TCP ports 5060 and 2000, if the fortigate has 'default-voip-alg-mode' set to 'proxy-based'. # config system setting set default-voip-alg-mode proxy-based end Solution If the FortiGate VIPs are resp...
DescriptionFortiAnalyzer can have an issue where the reports after generation are not visible in GUI, but it is sent to email recipients without any issueScopeGenerated Reports on FortiAnalyzer GUISolution Check the below points to fix the issue when...
DescriptionThis article describes how to generate an automatic event log as a reminder on a FortiWeb when a SSL Certificate is about to expire.ScopeFortiWeb SSL CertificatesSolutionPrior to FortiWeb 6.2, FortiWeb would not generate an event when the ...