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DescriptionThis example uses Linux Mint version 14.04 and Shrew Soft VPN Access Manager 2.2.1 to demonstrate configuration of dial up IPsec VPN using peer id.ScopeFortiOS v5.2, Linux Mint/Ubuntu 14.04.SolutionConfigure dial up VPN on FortiGate unit, ...
Description The message "Policy XX is too big for the system, it's installed partially." can appear after an upgrade to FortiOS v5.2 from FortiOS v5.0 or when creating a new policy. Scope FortiOS v5.2.0 to v5.2.4. Solution The reason for this message...
Description L2TP over IPsec is prone to failures and disconnection due to data compression if MS CHAP is used as authentication protocol and if packets are coming to FortiGate unit out of order. This is observed especially with higher amount of traff...