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DescriptionThis article describes how to process non-tagged packets on a transparent unit. When sending NON-Tagged packets from a Switch to a FortiGate unit in transparent mode, packets are dropped unless the receiving interface is a physical one.Sol...
DescriptionThis article describes how to manage the traffic with packets that are not tagged between a Transparent FortiGate and a FortiSwitch. When receiving traffic to and from a FortiSwitch from a Transparent FortiGate unit, it is important to be ...
Description This article explains whether FortiAuthenticator can be used as an authentication portal for TACACS PLUS. Solution The FortiAuthenticator (FAC) started supporting TACACS+ (TAC-Plus) starting version 6.2.x.
DescriptionThe "set capability-default-originate" command when enabled on a neighbor will enable/disable the advertising of the default route to the BGP neighbors. Still when deleting a neighbor that includes it the feature must be disabled first oth...
Description When on a 5K unit, one or more slave blades are in 'Waiting' status and are not synchronizing with master blade, the system is actively processing data within the 5K cluster: To confirm this issue, verify if any of factory slave blades ar...