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DescriptionFortiClient v5.4 running the default configuration will attempt to register to the default gateway configured on a computer on which it is running. The default port for FortiClient v5.4 is TCP 8013.This behavior can be changed if such conn...
DescriptionThis article explains the behavior of a FortiGate when it is rebooted after not having followed the correct shutdown or reboot procedure.ScopeFortiGate 5.2.3 and newer. Hardware models only.SolutionThe FortiGate will boot and perform a fil...
DescriptionThis article provides a procedure from CLI to clear interface counters. SolutionConnect to the FortiGate through SSh or Serial Console and type the follow command to see the current counter values:FGT # diagnose netlink interface list wan1...
DescriptionThis article clarifies how to mitigate Internet link flaps in certain scenarios.SolutionSome modems, ComCast for example, are known to drop the network connection or reboot if they receive non-DNS traffic on UDP port 53 which is well known...