FortiClient proactively defends against advanced attacks. Its tight integration with the Security Fabric enables policy-based automation to contain threats and control outbreaks. FortiClient is compatible with Fabric-Ready partners to further strengthen enterprises’ security posture.
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FortiClient v5.4 running the default configuration will attempt to register to the default gateway configured on a computer on which it is running. The default port for  FortiClient v5.4 is TCP 8013.

This behavior can be changed if such connection attempts are unwanted and there is no plan to register the FortiClient to the EMS server or FortiGate.


Save the configuration file from FortiClient by going to File > Settings > System and use the "Backup" button.

Open the configuration file using a text editor and find the following lines:

If the value is set to 1 it means that the FortiGate will try to register to the default configured gateway.

Set this value to "0" to stop registration attempts.

Save the file and import it by using File > Settings > System and use the  "Restore" button.